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Stages of Asphyxiation Tour!


The Big Dipper Spokane
171 S Washington St 99201 Spokane United States
This insane tour of non-stop brutality and slamming death metal makes a pitstop in our humble little town. Get ready to party down with some absolutely shit-stomping touring acts coming from all over the globe as they travel from Las Vegas Deathfest to Gutfest in Colorado!

This is a once in a lifetime tour with great local support. Don't plan anything else and don't sleep on this shit. We are lucky as fuck these crazy cocksuckers are heading up here to get filthy for us!

Co-headlining are the slamtastic Stages of Decomposition (Los Angeles, CA) and the chronic-abusers of Forced Asphyxiation (Boston, MA). They are bringing along the dudes from Exhumer (Italy) and Vacuus (Canada) to round that shit out to one filthy tour package... However, why stop there? Why leave the fun to all the touring bands?!? We threw on those fuckers from Serpentspire and those degenerates from Withheld Judgement just to even shit the fuck out!

Come party with us! Bands'll have pre-sale tickets coming up soon for just $10, but get them in advance because it'll $12 at the door, which for a package like this is a goddamn steal.

See you sick fucks in the pit!!!

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