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Cascadia Festival Spokane Pre-Party ft. Michael Manahan, Rob Noble, & Jellyfyst


The Big Dipper Spokane
171 S Washington St 99201 Spokane United States
Old Love Music Group Presents
- The 2016 Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival Spokane Pre-Party -

We are incredibly honored to be hosting Seattle electronic music legends Michael Manahan & Rob Noble for this official Cascadia Pre-Party! Join us at The Big Dipper on Saturday, June 11th to celebrate the journey towards one of Washington's most beautiful and progressive festivals. **All atendees will be entered for a chance to win a FREE TICKET to Cascadia 2016!**

Cascadia Festival is nestled in the heart of the mossy Cascadian forests of Granite Falls, WA. Immerse yourself in three days of camping with music, art, workshops, performances & artisan vending. Family Friendly & Party Approved, at Cascadia you will find creativity, collaboration, and the beauty of the northwest around every corner. For more info & tickets, visit http://CascadiaNW.com.

// M U S I C //

- Starborne Shows / Cascadia / Decibel Festival -
Michael Manahan has been working in the Underground Arts and Music Culture for over 20 years. Residing in Seattle, Washington, Michael is a prolific DJ and Event Producer, Co-owner in Starborne Shows, Starborne Sound, Re-bar (Theatre / Nightclub), Lead Producer at Cascadia (NW Arts and Music Festival), Producing Partner at the world famous Decibel Festival, Lead Producer of the Starborne Electronic Stage at Seattle Hempfest , Co-Producer of Photosynthesis Festival (2011-2014) and Co-Creator/Lead Producer of the Oracle Gatherings (2000-2009).
Associated with - Starborne Shows, Decibel Festival, Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival, Re-bar Seattle, Starborne Sound, Logos Studio
http://www.michaelmanahan.com https://soundcloud.com/michael-manahan

• ROB NOBLE • (Seattle, WA)
- Manifest / DEEP N' BΔSS -
For over 15 years Rob Noble has proven he is one of Seattle, WA's most prolific Producers/DJs. Not only is he a smooth opertator on the decks, he is the Creator of one of Seattle's most well known Monthly Events, DEEP N' BΔSS. Never afraid to encorperate any genere, Rob's sets will take you one a journey.
Associated with - Manifest, DEEP N' BASS, The Crane Stand

• JELLYFYST • (Spokane, WA)
- Old Love Music Group / Danktronics -
Hailing from Leavenworth, this dedicated kid has been making a big splash here in Washington. He seems to always come correct with the right balance of glitchy rhythms layered with warm melodic leads presented in an egoless manner and truly out of passion for the music and dance floor.
Associated with - Old Love Msic Group, Danktronics, Star Raving Rad Productions, The Muu Crew


// V E N D O R S //

• Mandala Elixr • (Spokane, Wa)
Mandala Elixr is Spokane's first locally marketed chai. Using only organic, local and fair trade ingredients purchased from local markets in northwest. This traditional masala chai is packed full of antioxidants and health benefits, never using refined sugars, GMOs or preservatives. Containing countless medicinal ingredients native to certain parts of India, the spices used have been mentioned in the Vedic texts and the ancient Ayurveda inscriptions of India. Even the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs used these spices for their aphrodisiac qualities and other health benefits. Mandala Elixr is always consciously crafted in small batches, with intention and of course, love. You will find Mandala's booth set up with chai concentrates ready for you to take home and enjoy!

*If you are interested in vending, please PM us at Old Love Music Group


// P E R F O R M A N C E //

• Luma Fire & Flow • (Spokane, Wa)
Dynamic, emotive, mesmerizing – Luma is a performer known for her magnetic stage presence and unique flow artistry. After spending her entire adolescence training in theater, Luma's path took a turn towards the whimsical when she began performing modern circus, flow, and fire arts four years ago. She has performed with big names such as Tipper, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, G Jones, Tara Brooks, Russ Liquid, and more at festivals such as Electric Forest, Cascadia, What The Festival, and Burning Man. Dropped from a comet on a crystalline cloud, Luma is here to take you on a cosmic journey of intrigue and inspiration.

• Whitney Stoner • (Seattle, WA)
Currently based out of Seattle WA, Whitney from Luxillusions aims to fascinate with her unique character designs and enchanting performances. She specializes in prop flow, various dance styles, and costume design. With over 15 years of technical dance training and performances across the northwest, she continues to pursue her passion and share her love for performance art with everyone around her.


// L I V E P A I N T I N G//

• Meltamorphosis Designs • (West Coast, USA)
Meltamorphosis Designs is owned and operated by artist Allie Hanlon. She specializes in Body Painting, Live Painting, as well as creates art on a variety of things such as instruments, clothing, stages and more.
Allie Hanlon combines amazing fractal patterns with the human body using her unique air brushing techniques. Her airbrushed sacred geometry on the physical temple completely changes the way we experience the art.
Using color changing lights and 3D glasses her artwork moves with the dance of life and are sure to be a hit at any event. To see her work at a live show is to see infinite possibilities of patterns, colors and movement.


// V I S U A L S //

• Stark Raving Rad Productions • (Seattle, Wa)

• Jeremy Blaise Szabo • (Spokane, Wa)


Old Love Music is dedicated to building community through Intelligent Dance Music in the Northwest & beyond. We pride ourselves on providing high quality events featuring elegant stage production, top notch musicians, inspiring performance artists, live painters, local vendors, and more.


// T I C K E T S
• $10 at the door

This is a 18+ Event w/ ID
Full Bar for 21+ w/ ID


*More TBA

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